How to Make a Profit Playing at Slot Casinos Online

How to Make a Profit Playing at Slot Casinos Online

Anyone can make a profit playing at slot casinos online, but that does not mean you can win! You will need to have patience as the slot machines can be very unpredictable and a roller coaster ride can be just that, exciting. Playing at online casinos is a great way to practice your skills and test out your strategies. There are few feelings more powerful that the one you get when you run your slot machine as the coins drop into the tray and you hear the clanking of the coins as it hits the bottom, and you know that banked completely from your spin, you have just hit the jackpot!

Playing at slot casinos online, you will notice that the slots seem to have a life of their own. Sometimes, very quickly, the symbols can change, just like in a live casino. You may see red spin come up a lot more than you would expect. The slots with the highest payout percentage are usually the ones with the highest ranks, because the casino techs are really good at determining what each symbol in the slot means.

The rank of each symbol depends on how often it appears in corresponding succession. So the QQ (next to flowers in poker) is going to be lower than the AA (age against) and much lower than 96. 88 is the highest rank and will almost always appear. Another tip, if you can, is to play the maximum number of coins per spin, even if it means you have to spend more than the minimum. You can always come back to the bonus multiplier after you max out the credit meter.

The bonus multiplier is the feature that will earn you the most bang for your buck. It is here that you will earn multiple credits in your spin, essentially for free, so you can play as many credits as you wish to, without jeopardizing your winnings. The spin is over when you max out the credits you have earned and the machine stops. You may choose to either quit the game or continue, but you must at least spin the maximum number of times the bonus is earned. The bonus is earned slowly, so you may need to be patient and not get frustrated.

The ranks of the symbols change as well. The bonus multiplier symbols go from low to high and indicate how many times they will be multiplied. High values now increase your payout and low values now decrease your payout. So, as the multiplier tonnes spin, you can notice the bonus is working toward increasing your payout.

The bonus multiplier is activated with certain conditions being met. The highest bonus multiplier of all is attained with 3 or more coin bets. While the lowest bonus multiplier is achieved with two coin bets.

An explanation of the multiplier bonuses, and how they work, is below:

Conditions (Prepaid) Requirements

Wave 1 – Pass or Win WRONG bet OR All-In

wave 2 – Place or Stand WRONG bet OR All-In

wave 3 – Double-Up or Divide your bet EURO + 250%

Wave 4 – Re- Divide your bet EURO 2x +100%

wave 5 -abalize your bet EURO 4x +60%

wave 6 – Final multiplier bonus EURO 8x +40%

wave 7 – Re- Bin your bet EURO 16x +30%

wave 8 – Final multiplier bonus EURO 16x +30%

wave 9 – No requirements

wave 10 – Any denomination bet may be acceptable

wave 11 – Pre- Collect bonus

wave 12 – Collect bonus and win

wave 13 – Win

wave 14 – lose

wave 15 – lose

wave 16 – lose

wave 17 – Win

wave 18 – Win

wave 19 – lose

wave 20 – Win

wave 21 – lose

wave 22 – lose

wave 23 – Win

wave 24 – lose

wave 25 – Win

wave 26 – lose

wave 27 – Win

wave 28 – lose

wave 29 – Win

wave 30 – lose

wave 31 – Win

wave 32 – lose

wave 33 – Win

wave 34 – lose

wave 35 – Win

wave 36 – lose

wave 37 – Win

wave 38 – Win

wave 39 – lose

wave 40 – lose

wave 41 – lose

wave 42 – lose

wave 43 – Win

wave 44 – Win

wave 45 – Win

wave 46 – Win

The bonus amount is the´┐Żll percentage of the Collectible Bonus. The percentages are somewhat easy to work with. For example, a Collectible Bonus of 7,000 coins is 57% as far as Collectible Bonus goes. The bonus is gradually adjusted for when you miss before having to Collect. It cannot be collected if you have won.

Even if you have not made any deposits, the bonuses will be counted toward your bonus wager requirements.

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